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Hello :D
I`m doing ponies 22 inches (55 cm) in size. They are made of  high quality smooth minky from Shannon fabrics.
They have a machine-embroidered eyes and cutie marks.
Sewing one pony takes  2-6 days (depends on difficulty)
I`m doing ponies standing on four legs (standard), on two legs anthro (standing), sitting, laying down, Life size.
For all original character please provide a vector/or images for the eyes and cutie marks of those characters.
All suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration.

My next customers                                   

The waiting queue!!! The waiting queue!!!  (updated) 


November/ December  
                                  DataPony 2 of 4 ponies done (paid all in advance)IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS-waiting for more fabric
                           EonisAlpha (2 ponies- 1 done already- paid all in advance) IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS
                           TheGreatPony (paid all in advance)
                           haoLink (paid all in advance)
                           Flamewrath (paid all in advance)
                           Braver69 (almost paid in advance))
                           Uncron (half paid)

  January   SniperTeam4 (half paid)

                 StrumbeatStrings17 (paid all in advance)
                KotakeTetsuya ( 2 ponies)( paid all in advance)
                Mirinata (half paid)
                WonderboltSoarin 2 ponies(paid all in advance))
                90117 (paid all in advance)
                SkyDash86 (paid all in advance)


February  foxtim11 2 ponies(2 paid all in advance)
                Mikazuchi (paid all in advance)
                BakenekoIV (half paid)
                Atlas290/ Skuttz
                darkenlink (paid all in advance)
                Lepperb0y (half paid)
March    lunathealicorn
              shinigamide ( paid all in advance)
              DJEsquilax (half paid)
              Duke-of-Donuts (paid all in advance)
              Jadesca (partly paid)
              Wooxx (paid all in advance)
              anonymous customer (paid all in advance)
 April                    DragonEldarFire  


                            Ashley (fb customer)
                            AleriaStarlight (half paid)
                            SherylNome25 (3 ponies)  (2 half paid, 1 paid in advance)
                           Steam-Craft (paid all in advance)
                              Cody T. (fb customer) (partly paid)
                              ChomePegases (half paid)

 Mandy (fb customer) ( paid all in advance) 
                           Reece M. (fb customer) 
                           Devon (fb customer) BuckMeSquee ( paid all in advance)
                           sonced (half paid)
                          Ravebounce (half paid)
                          ShadeofTales 7 ponies(3 paid all in advance, 4 half paid))
                           ocbaker (paid all in advance)
                           Tech4ExpMECHACAT (paid all in advance)
                           MaiffaInes (paid all in advance)
 June     WhatASonicRainboom
                Stars-of-Wonder94 (partly paid)
               TheMegaMarioFan01 (half paid)

              ChrisFhey (partly paid)
               Wenqing Tang (fb customer)
               Arcadia-Newblood (half paid)
              anonymous customer
              Nikita (fb customer) (partly paid)

August   anonymous customer
              Kris-L (half paid)
              Vox-Lilia (half paid)
   a few slots  available here 

                                                                                                                MOVED to a later date from the waiting list and awaiting payment:
                                                                                                                                EvkZombie (waiting for answer)
                                                                                                                                   Brutus-The-Mage (waiting for answer)
                                                                                                                                LunaOfMidnight (waiting for payment)

                                                    !!!   SHIPPING-50$  !!!

Edit : November 2015 -I realized that I have more than 3000 watchers! OMG it's a great honor for me. Thank you all!

and again I`m very sorry for delay with my calendar.  I try to be a good mom, wife, and plushie maker in the same time. I`m trying do do every plushie as best I can. I will not dissapoint anyone. "Worth the wait" I get such messages very often Hug Thank you very much!

I win the lottery and I will do all ponies for free. I have to start to play the lottery. :D (Big Grin) 

The prices are in USD dollars currency.                    

    THE MANE 6 and friends (STANDARD-on four legs) : (please note-outfits are extra!

    Twilight Sparkle (without wings)-240$  Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (folded wings) by agatrix Alicorn open wings 280$ Alicorn Twilight Sparkle plush by agatrix
      folded wings 260$ Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (folded wings) by agatrix, Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle 370$ Rainbow Power Princess Twilight Sparkle plush by agatrix

    Rainbow Dash-280$  Rainbow Dash plush by agatrixRainbow Power 400$  Rainbow Power Dash for sale! by agatrix as Zap 320$ Rainbow Dash as Zap by agatrix

    Fluttershy-240$ (without outfit) Flutterborn (Fluttershy) by agatrix

    Flutterbat 320$ Flutterbat by agatrix"Private Pansy"-330$ ; Flutterspy -330$ Rainbow Power 360$ Rainbow Power Fluttershy plush by agatrix

      Applejack with hat-250$ Applejack plush by agatrix  Applejack plush by agatrix

    ;Crystal Applejack-280$ Crystal Applejack by agatrix Rainbow Power Applejack 370$ Rainbow Power Applejack for sale! by agatrix

Pinkie Pie-240$ and Pinkamena Pinkamena by agatrixRainbow Power Pinkie 360$ Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie plush by agatrix

Beatnik Rarity-350$  Beatnik Rarity plush by agatrix, Rarity standard 250$
Sunset Shimmer -340$
Sunset Shimmer for sale by agatrix  Princess Sunset Shimmer 390$ Princess Sunset Shimmer plush by agatrix

Trixie-260$ (with her outfit-320$) Trixie by agatrix

Maud Pie- 300$  Maud Pie plush by agatrix

Spitfire 350$ Spitfire by agatrix

Shining Armor 360$ Shining Armor plush by agatrix

Cheese Sandwich-270$  Cheese Sandwich by agatrix
Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses 280$
Derpy 240$  Derpy by agatrix
Cloudchaser-300$ Cloudchaser by agatrix

Coco Pommel - 270$ Coco Pommel by agatrix

King Sombra -400$

 Nightmare Rarity 600$ 24" Nightmare Rarity by agatrix Nightmare Rarity plush by agatrix

LittlePip -350$ Littlepip plush by agatrix Littlepip plush by agatrix
BlackJack-350$ DSC 2442-crop-horz by agatrix
Adagio Dazzle-330$ Adagio Dazzle Plush by agatrix
Starlight Glimmer-290$ Starlight Glimmer plush by agatrix

PRINCESSES (24 inches tall):
Princess Luna-350$ (with zircons on her mane and tail-380$) Princess Luna plush by agatrix "> Princess Luna by agatrix  Princess Luna by agatrix
Princess  Luna s1 360$ Princess Luna S1 by agatrix

Princess Celestia-430$  Princess Celestia plush by agatrix

Princess Cadence-430$ 30 inches Princess Cadence by agatrix (Cadence on this picture is 33 inches tall and costs 650$)

Queen Chrysalis -500$  Queen Chrysalis plush by agatrix Queen Chrysalis by agatrix Queen Chrysalis by agatrix

Nightmare Moon- 360$ Nightmare Moon plush by agatrix


              LIFE SIZE PONIES 50-55" long  (for example)

Princess Luna 900$ Giant (laying down) Princess Luna plush by agatrix Life-size (laying down) Princess Luna plush by agatrix socks 60$

Princess Luna SE1 900$ Life-size (laying down) Princess Luna SE1 plush by agatrix

Princess Celestia 1000$ Life-size (laying down) Princess Celestia plush by agatrix socks 60$

Chrysalis 950$ Life-size Queen Chrysalis for sale by agatrix  Life size (laying down) Queen Chrysalis SOLD by agatrixsocks 60$

Rainbow Dash 850$ Life size (laying down) Rainbow Dash plush by agatrixsocks 60$
Fluttershy 750$  Life-size(laying down) Fluttershy plush with socks by agatrix socks 60$

AppleJack with hat 800$ Life size (laying down) Applejack plush SOLD by agatrixsocks 60$
Rarity 750$ (wet mane also) Life size (laying down) Rarity plush SOLD by agatrixsocks 60$
Pinkie Pie 800$ Life size (laying down) Pinkie Pie plush by agatrix socks 60$

Alicorn Twilight Sparkle 750$ Life size (laying down) Twilight Sparkle plush by agatrixsocks 60$
Trixie 900$ The Greatest life-size Trixie plush SOLD by agatrix 800$ without clothes, socks 60$
Sunset Shimmer 900$ Life size (laying down) Sunset Shimmer  plush by agatrix socks 60$
Derpy 750$ Life-size  (laying down) Derpy Hooves plush SOLD by agatrix  Life size (laying down) Derpy plush SOLD by agatrixsocks 60$ Life size (laying down) Derpy plush by agatrix

Big Macintosh 850$ Life size (laying down) Big Macintosh plush by agatrix

Scootaloo 650$ Life-size  (laying down) Scootaloo plush by agatrix 
socks 60$
Dj Pon-3 aka Vinyl Scratch 800$ Life-size (laying down) DJ Pon-3 plush SOLD by agatrix these socks 50$ (striped socks 60$)
Lyra 780$ Life size (laying down) Lyra plush for sale by agatrix socks 60$
RD as Zap 900$ Life size (laying down) Rainbow Dash as Zap plush by agatrix
OC`s for example Life-size laying down OC Firerod Blaze plush by agatrix

         LAYING DOWN PONIES 20 inches long :

Twilight Sparkle-280$ (with Elements of Harmony plush book 40/40cm-350$) Twilight Sparkle with Elements of Harmony plush by agatrix
Fluttershy-280$ laying down Fluttershy by agatrix
Applejack wit hat-290$ Applejack by agatrix
Pinkie Pie-280$ Pinkamena (laying down) by agatrix
Rarity-290$ Laying Rarity by agatrix Rarity (laying down) by agatrix
Rainbow Dash-320$ laying Rainbow Dash by agatrix 


Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses-320$ Vinyl Scratch (laying down) by agatrix
Octavia- 310 $
Derpy- 280$

PRINCESSES (laying down without socks/with socks)

 Princess Luna- 350$/ 390$ laying down Princess Luna by agatrix
 Princess Celestia-400/440$
 Princess Cadence- 380$/420$
 Nightmare Moon- 340$/400$

 STANDING (on 2 legs)  Cheeribee by agatrix Luna by agatrix Queen Chrysalis (standing) by agatrix Assasin Octavia by agatrix
 Twilight Sparkle-340$ Twilight Sparkle (Lollipop) by agatrix  Twilight Sparkle/ Cheerleader in the winter by agatrix
 Fluttershy-330$ Fluttershy with two tiny sweet friends by agatrix
Applejack-350$ Standing Applejack by agatrix
 Pinkie Pie-330$  Pinkie Pie by agatrix
 Trixie-350$ Standing Trixie/ Wizard in the winter by agatrix
 Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses-370$

 Discord-500$ DSC 0547-crop by agatrix

Gilda - 400$ Gilda by agatrix

 OC`s and original characters (the price depends on the difficulty)

Solar Flare plush by agatrix  Nightmare Rarity by agatrix  OC Actias plush by agatrix OC Midnight Aperture by agatrix OC Wildfire plush by agatrix OC Picturesque plush by agatrix OC Sidereal Equinox plush by agatrix

OC Sweetclover the deer by agatrix OC Princess Peacock plush by agatrix Princess Diamond Tiara plush by agatrix OC Snap Feather plush by agatrix OC Quickstitch plush by agatrix OC Bullseye by agatrix  OC FlutterNight by agatrix Queen Chrysalis (standing) by agatrix OC Ciela Flora plush by agatrix OC LaceySurprise plush by agatrix OC Sweet Chic plush by agatrix OC Hexferry plush by agatrix         

SHIPPING-50$ ( shipping was free of charge over 2 years)
Shipping with the tracking number (3-10 days maximally)

Paypal only please!

I take 50% payment in advance and 50% payment after finishing sewing. (PayPal only)

If you are interested, send me a note please.  I love challenges! It is a passion.

Important!!! Each commission can be changed or canceled until payment. I not refund the money after the deposit. I have to realize the order after the payment. I lead a legitimate business, pay taxes and other fees in my countryThis is not only a hobby.Please be responsible and serious to consider my work and your money.

Everyone can increase the order anytime (while is on the list). I think it's also important.


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Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
My official facebook page…

Which life-size (laying down) MLP pony would you like to buy? 

133 deviants said Princess Luna
52 deviants said Rainbow Dash
51 deviants said Derpy
47 deviants said Alicorn Twilight Sparkle
46 deviants said Sunset Shimmer
42 deviants said Princess Celestia
42 deviants said Chrysalis
42 deviants said Fluttershy
38 deviants said Dj Pon/ Vinyl Scratch
31 deviants said Nightmare Moon


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