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Hello :)
I`m doing ponies 18 inches (47 cm) in size. They are made of  high quality smooth minky from Shannon fabrics.
They have a machine-embroidered eyes and cutie marks.
Sewing one pony takes  2-4 days (depends on difficulty)
I`m doing ponies standing on four legs (standard), on two legs (standing), sitting, anthropopony, laying down.
For all original character please provide a vector/or images for the eyes and cutie marks of those characters.
All suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration.
My next customers                  Jadesca (paid all in advance)
MaddyTheDragon101 (half-paid)( in progress)
                                             Darkphoenix909  2 ponies(half-paid) (in progress)
                                             isaaceely (paid all in advance)
                                             Yessem 2 ponies(half-paid)
                                             FabulousPony (paid all in advance)
                                             Atlas290 (paid all in advance)
                                             SageSolarius 2 ponies(half-paid)

                                             thejfklives (paid all in advance)
natfoth (2/3 paid in advance)

                                                    !!!   SHIPPING-50$  !!!

                            (shipping usually costs 60$-100$-So I kinda pay extra for that)

    My waiting list reaches the end of October. if you want to have a pony for Christmas, please let me know. Then I might not have time.

  •  THE MANE 6 and friends (STANDARD-on four legs) : (please note-outfits are extra!!!)

                            Twilight Sparkle-240$ Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (folded wings) by agatrix Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle 370$ Rainbow Power Princess Twilight Sparkle by agatrix

                           Fluttershy-240$ (without outfit)   Flutterborn (Fluttershy) by agatrix

                         "Private Pansy"-330$ Private Pansy Fluttershy by agatrix Flutterspy -330$Flutterspy by agatrix

                          Flutterbat 320$ Flutterbat 23/27 inch (58/70 cm) by agatrix Flutterbat by agatrix

                          Applejack with hat-250$ Applejack by agatrix(this one was made a long time ago-a different pattern)                   

                         Crystal Applejack-280$  Crystal Applejack by agatrix Rainbow Power Applejack 370$ Rainbow Power Applejack for sale! by agatrix

                          Pinkie Pie-240$ Pinkie Pie by agatrix Pinkamena Pinkamena by agatrix

                         Rarity-250$  Rarity and Rainbow Dash by agatrix (butterfly wings plus 50$) Butterfly Rarity by agatrix
                         Rainbowdash-280$ Rainbow Dash by agatrix Rainbow Power 400$ Rainbow Power Dash for sale! by agatrix as Zap 320$Rainbow Dash as Zap by agatrix

                         Sunset Shimmer -320$ Sunset Shimmer for sale by agatrix

                         Trixie-270$ (with her outfit-320$) Trixie by agatrix
                         Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses 280$ Vinyl Scratch by agatrix
                       Octavia 270$  My Little Octavia by agatrix (this one was made a long time ago-a different pattern)
                      Derpy 240$ Derpy by agatrix Derpy by agatrix

                     Daring Do-300$ Daring Do by agatrix
                     Cloudchaser-300$ Cloudchaser by agatrix

                    Coco Pommel - 270$ Coco Pommel by agatrix

                     Lyra - 250$ Fluttershy and Lyra by agatrix

                     Cheese Sandwich-270$ Cheese Sandwich by agatrix


                Nightmare Rarity 600$  Nightmare Rarity by agatrix

  •      PRINCESSES (20-22  inches tall):
                        Princess Luna-320$ (with zircons on her mane and tail-350$) Princess Luna by agatrix  Princess Luna by agatrix Princess Luna by agatrix (outfit

                        Princess  Luna s1 340$  Princess Luna S1 by agatrix

                      Princess Celestia-450$ Princess Celestia by agatrix
                       Princess Cadence-430$ 30 inches Princess Cadence by agatrix (Cadence on this picture is 33 inches tall and costs 600$)

  •                    Queen Chrysalis -500$ Queen Chrysalis by agatrix Queen Chrysalis by agatrix

                     Nightmare Moon- 360$ Nightmare Moon by agatrix
                   Alicorn Princess Twilight (open wings)-290 $ Alicorn Princess Twilight by agatrix Alicorn Twilight Sparkle by agatrix
                                                     (folded wings)-270$ Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (folded wings) by agatrix



  •     LAYING PONIES (with socks) 20 inches long :

                              Twilight Sparkle-280$ (with Elements of Harmony plush book 40/40cm-350$) Twilight Sparkle with Elements of Harmony plush by agatrix
                              Fluttershy-280$ laying down Fluttershy by agatrix
                             Applejack wit hat-290$ Applejack by agatrix
                            Pinkie Pie-280$Pinkamena (laying down) by agatrix

                            Rarity-290$ Laying Rarity by agatrixRarity (laying down) by agatrix

                          Rainbow Dash-320$laying Rainbow Dash by agatrix 


                         Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses-320$ Vinyl Scratch (laying down) by agatrix

                        Octavia- 310 $
                        Derpy- 280$


   PRINCESSES (laying without socks/with socks)

   Princess Luna- 350$/ 390$ laying down Princess Luna by agatrix
    Princess Celestia-400/440$
    Princess Cadence-  380$/420$
    Nightmare Moon- 340$/400$



  •   STANDING (on 2 legs) and      SITTING PONIES 18-20 inches (50cm) (anthropo) with outfits and accessories:
                                  Twilight Sparkle-340$ Twilight Sparkle (Lollipop) by agatrix Twilight Sparkle/ Cheerleader in the winter by agatrix

                                  Fluttershy-330$ Fluttershy with two tiny sweet friends by agatrix

                                       Applejack-350$ Standing Applejack by agatrix

                                      Pinkie Pie-330$ Pinkie Pie by agatrix


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KinzyWindstreak Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Excuse me..? Do you do trades? If so, would you be interested in a large fluttershy and twilight plush I bought a while back in exchange for a custom oc plushie?? Sadly I don't have any money, and I'm very poor... :( I hope to hear back from yah soon~ ^^
agatrix Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
I`m sorry, I`m not doing trades.
KinzyWindstreak Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Alright. It's ok. :) thanks for your time.
I love all the ponies but only one shines brighter than the others...

Just knowing that my Dash and I will be together soon, makes my heart go a flutter.

Thinking of her gives me a warm feeling inside that I'd never thought I could experience with a fictional character. There's just something about her has me falling in love every time I see her, whether it be Pony, human or any anthro form.

When I get home from work we gather on the bed talking about our day while I massage and preen her aching wings from her rigorous workout routine. We would then settle into cuddling and watch television. She nuzzles into my chest as our arms wrap around each other, falling into a light asleep with a hint of a smile brushing across her lips. While I comb my hand through her mane, she lets out a sigh of satisfaction, knowing that she has finally found someone who has accepted her. Faults and all.

As I kiss the top of her head goodnight, the scent of skittles tickle my nose. I sigh with relief that I am finally able to provide the love she deserves, all the while slumber slipping over me like a warm blanket. With one last thought of the night, wisping like a gentle breeze, "By the gods, she is perfection!" love.

agatrix Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I will try my best to make your dreams come true Hug 
TyberiousLenol Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
"trying" in your case would be genetically engineering a living breathing Dash. The work you do is the next best thing.
agatrix Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you :D
EternalSubscriber Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are so talented! :D Keep being awesome <3
(Polish Agatas FOREVER XD) ^_^
agatrix Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
awwww Thank you so much ;) Hug 
chibizelda7 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
omg luv your plushies they are too cute I might die
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