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I want to ask my next customers:

                                                                               Gigglesinthecorner (in progress)


                                                                                                 for a patience.

I am late. Me and my family were sick. Now we are healthy, but I have to chase my calendar.

It's not easy, because I have recently done quite difficult but cool ponies.
I ask you for your understanding. I will keep you up to date on the progress in my journal here.

an update -08.03.2014- oh my gosh my son is sick again. I called an ambulance yesterday, because he had 12 hours more than 40 degrees of fever and did not want to fall.
He is feeling better now I hope it will not happen again.

best regards from the hospital ! 2014-03-11 19.24.08 by agatrix


                                                 Thank you


Hello everyone :)
I`m doing ponies 18 inches (47 cm) in size. They are made of  high quality smooth minky from Shannon fabrics.
They have a machine-embroidered eyes and cutie marks.

Sewing one pony takes  2-4 days (depends on difficulty)

I`m doing ponies standing on four legs (standard), on two legs (standing), sitting, anthropopony, laying.
For all original character please provide a vector/or images for the eyes and cutie marks of those characters.
All suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration.


                                                    !!!   SHIPPING-50$  !!!

                            (shipping usually costs 60$-100$-So I kinda pay extra for that)

  •  THE MANE 6 and friends (STANDARD-on four legs) : (please note-outfits are extra)

                            Twilight Sparkle-240$ Twilight Sparkle by agatrix
                           Fluttershy-240$  Fluttershy for sale by agatrix "Private Pansy"-330$ Private Pansy Fluttershy by agatrix Flutterspy -330$Flutterspy by agatrix

                          Flutterbat 320$ Flutterbat 23/27 inch (58/70 cm) by agatrix Flutterbat by agatrix

                          Applejack with hat-250$ Applejack by agatrix(this one was made a long time ago-a different pattern)
                          Pinkie Pie-240$ Pinkie Pie by agatrix
                         Rarity-250$  Rarity and Rainbow Dash by agatrix (butterfly wings plus 50$) Butterfly Rarity by agatrix
                         Rainbowdash-280$ Rainbow Dash-Loyalty by agatrix
                         Trixie-270$ (with her outfit-320$) Trixie by agatrix
                         Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses 280$ Vinyl Scratch by agatrix
                       Octavia 270$  My Little Octavia by agatrix (this one was made a long time ago-a different pattern)
                      Derpy 240$ Derpy by agatrix
                     Daring Do-300$ Daring Do by agatrix
                     Cloudchaser-300$ Cloudchaser by agatrix

                    Coco Pommel - 270$ Coco Pommel by agatrix

                   Lyra - 250$ Fluttershy and Lyra by agatrix


  •      PRINCESSES (20-22  inches tall):
                        Princess Luna-320$ (with zircons on her mane and tail-350$) Princess Luna by agatrix   Princess  Luna s1 320$  Princess Luna S1 by agatrix

                      Princess Celestia-380$ Princess Celestia by agatrix
                       Princess Cadence-340$ 30 inches Princess Cadence by agatrix (Cadence on this picture is 33 inches tall and costs 600$)

  •                    Queen Chrysalis -500$ Queen Chrysalis by agatrix

                     Nightmare Moon- 340$ Nightmare Moon by agatrix
                   Alicorn Princess Twilight (open wings)-290 $ Alicorn Princess Twilight by agatrix Alicorn Twilight Sparkle by agatrix
                                                     (folded wings)-270$ Alicorn Twilight Sparkle by agatrix



  •     LAYING PONIES (with socks) 20 inches long :

                              Twilight Sparkle-280$ (with Elements of Harmony plush book 40/40cm-350$) Twilight Sparkle with Elements of Harmony plush by agatrix
                              Fluttershy-280$ laying down Fluttershy by agatrix
                             Applejack wit hat-290$ Applejack by agatrix
                            Pinkie Pie-280$
                            Rarity-290$ Laying Rarity by agatrixRarity (laying down) by agatrix

                          Rainbow Dash-320$laying Rainbow Dash by agatrix 


                         Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses-320$ Vinyl Scratch (laying down) by agatrix

                        Octavia- 310 $
                        Derpy- 280$


    PRINCESSES (laying without socks/with socks)

   Princess Luna- 350$/ 390$ laying down Princess Luna by agatrix
    Princess Celestia-380/420$
    Princess Cadence-  340$/380$
    Nightmare Moon- 340$/400$



  •   STANDING (on 2 legs) and      SITTING PONIES 18-20 inches (50cm) (anthropo) with outfits and accessories:
                                  Twilight Sparkle-340$ Twilight Sparkle (Lollipop) by agatrix Twilight Sparkle/ Cheerleader in the winter by agatrix

                                  Fluttershy-330$ Fluttershy with two tiny sweet friends by agatrix

                                       Applejack-350$ Standing Applejack by agatrix

                                      Pinkie Pie-330$ Pinkie Pie by agatrix


                                     Trixie-350$ Standing Trixie/ Wizard in the winter by agatrix

                                     Dj Pon/Vinyl Scratch with removable glasses-370$



   PRINCESSES (20 inches tall)
                        Princess Luna-390$ (withi zircons on her main and tail-400$) sitting Luna by agatrix 
                        Princess Celestia- 400$ Princess by agatrix

                        Princess Cadence-360$
                        Nightmare Moon- 400$





 Discord-400$ Well well little Pinkie... by agatrix Summertime :) by agatrix

    Gilda-400$ Gilda by agatrix

STEAMPUNK PONIES (like my Steampunk Trixie or Octavia)-500$  SteamPunk Princess Trixie Pony by agatrix Steampunk Trixie by agatrix Steampunk Octavia by agatrix 


 OC`s (please send me a note to determine the price) examples: OC Live Wire by agatrix OC Cookie Cloud by agatrix OC Kaon Cloud by agatrix OC Nightingale by agatrixCrystal Violet by agatrix OC Lightning Speed by agatrix OC Roger-Houston by agatrix OC Bluegrass by agatrix OC Thunder Swirl by agatrix OC Trance Sequence by agatrix OC Joyful Noise by agatrix OC Lightning Flicker by agatrix  OC Asteria by agatrixOC Meteo by agatrix OC Dark Pumpkin by agatrix OC pony-Feather White by agatrix OC pony commission by agatrix

another ponies-please send  me a note to determine the price.  Cheeribee by agatrixOC pony Sultry by agatrix Rainbow Dash as Zap for sale by agatrix Rarity as Radiance for sale by agatrix Turf/Palm by agatrix Captain Luna by agatrix      We look forward to Princess Luna by agatrix Princess Celestia and Letter by agatrix Lubin-a water dragon by agatrix

EMS with insurance and tracking number (3-10 days maximally)

Paypal only please!
I take 50% payment in advance,  a few weeks  (3-4) before sewing and 50% payment after finishing sewing. (PayPal only)

 Please send me a note.
 I`m open to any suggestions. :D  I love challenges! It is a passion.


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dragonmlpcraft02 Apr 4, 2014  New member Student General Artist
I want one of your AMAZING ponies!! I will so buy one.  I'm just wondering how much a request would be.
agatrix Apr 4, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much. I take commissions. Most prices are here…
Note me, if you are interested. Thanks!
dragonmlpcraft02 Apr 5, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Can you take smaller sizes?  I saw a derpy on youtube and i was wondering if i could get one.  but i am saving up my money because this is really awesome!  Can i Note you again when i'm ready to get a pony?
agatrix Apr 5, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Of course! I do also recently smaller ponies. I also have a pattern. (about 12 inches)
I have quite a long queue waiting, so you can also write to me and we will arrange a later date (suitable for you).
(4 Replies)
LovableRobot Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, can you ship to the Nordic countries?
agatrix Mar 8, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Of course! I ship worldwide.
if you could make like a 8 or 10 inch plushie how much do you think it would be???????
agatrix Mar 2, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I usually do not do such small ponies. Sparkle was the first. Frankly I prefer the large ponieś.
OK thanks for answering anyway! 
DarkCherry87 Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Może być jako bardzo spóźniony prezent urodzinowy? :)
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